April Dequanne

April Dequanne

Age: 42Toronto, ON

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Family: Mom to twin 6 year old boys

I’m riding because no child should ever have to be that brave

As an officer, I have knowingly stepped over the line into danger, confident in my training, my tools and my abilities to handle whatever the situation was going to throw at me. There is no training for a child who has crossed the threshold into the world of cancer. They are pushed in; wide eyed and hopeful with endless courage and bravery to face the unknown enemy that is cancer. When a child holds out their bravery beads in pride (one bead for each procedure), my heart sinks and a “gummy lump” rises in my throat, knowing that every bead was earned for an act of bravery by an innocent child who is at war with this disease.

No child should ever have to be this brave! No parent should ever have to watch their child be this brave! But from these brave acts, come great inspiration. Inspired by the bravery of a young girl and the Coast to Coast Foundation, my cycling passion now has a purpose.

I have been an avid cyclist from the moment I received my very first bike with the banana seat and raised handlebars. With streamers dangling from the handlebars, wind blowing across my face, and laughter in my heart, a passion was born. This is what childhood memories should be made of.

In the sring of 2012, on my bicycle ride to work on a “smart commute” day, I crossed paths with a Coast to Coast Foundation www.coasttocoastagainstcancer.org spokesperson. On my ride home that night, my thoughts kept returning to a little girl, who, I know is the very reason why the Coast to Coast Foundation exists. I vowed at that moment, I would no longer ride “empty miles”, every peddle stroke from here on in was going to make a meaningful difference.

My newfound purpose has joined forces with the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride www.searsnationalkidscancerride.com. With my impending epic journey of cycling from Vancouver to Halifax, I will be tackling my biggest and scariest challenge yet (next to being a Mom). I am excited, honoured and overwhelmed to be part of a group working tirelessly to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children living with and beyond cancer. Because no child should have to be that brave.

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