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Ed Helmus

Toronto, ON

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So let me tell you a little about my history with this ride. I am an associate of Sears Canada and have been for 40 years. In 2008 a fellow colleague, Carlo Di Domizio, became one of the first Sears riders. I wanted to grow up like him but wasn’t sure of my capabilities as a rider. So in 09 I bought a bike and began to train. Still not sure of either the riding or the commitment I joined a ride along from Pickering to Belleville, The ride was 160 km and proved that at least I could keep up.

I continued to train and in 2010 became a National Rider. WOW, I thought this is great. And it was. Initially it was all about me, riding across the country. This is when things began to change. As I was being more and more exposed to Kids Cancer I was beginning to realize that this was not about me at all. This was about the Kids and their incredible struggle. This was about the need for all of us to be a part of the drive to eradicate this horrible illness.

I was told that my first ride would be life changing; it was, without a doubt. I have met many incredible people across this great land of ours. I have met and listened to the stories of many great kids. I have seen their strength and will to live. And I realize that all Kids deserve to live, and all Kids deserve to live Cancer free.

So as I prepare and train for the 2013 ride please remember, together we must fight this fight; together we can all make a difference.

Ed Helmus, 2013 National Rider

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