Geoff Poole

Geoff Poole

Age: Older than most, though parts of me are youngerToronto, ON

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Retired from work, working on retirement

Partner to the lovely Linda, Dad/Stepdad to 3 admirable young women and one similar young man

My biggest accomplishment to date: See above

A few years ago I followed the example of friend and rode in my first Tour for Kids event. I discovered how meaningful riding for this cause can be and have since participated in 5 annual Tour for Kids events. Last year I did the three Triple Crown events in Alberta, Nova Scotia and Ontario, and this year it will be the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride.

I am a lucky man. I am healthy enough to plan to ride my bike across Canada while many are unable to even contemplate such a trip. My children and those I love are perfect. I cannot ask for more,

What I can do is ride my bike across the country. I take on this challenge to have people notice and take the opportunity to sponsor me and raise money for children with cancer.

In the grand scheme it’s not much, but somewhere there is someone who cannot ride their bike. I can, so I will..  Thank you Lesleigh Abbott for the inspiration.

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