Mark Geene

Mark Geene

Age: 47Oxford County, ON

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Hello, my name is Mark Geene. I reside in Oxford County just east of Woodstock Ontario. I am married and have 3 children. I have been fortunate enough to be given the opportunity to ride in the 2013 National Kids Cancer Ride.I hope that my involvement will motivate you to give, to get involved and to help

In 2011 I was able to participate in the Sears National Kids Caner Ride as a national volunteer, where I traveled coast to coast capturing the ride in pictures as one of the rides photographers. Somewhere accross this huge country of ours I began to change and realized how fortunate I was to be healthy, to have a family who is healthy and to not fully understand what it would be like to have a child who was diagnosed with cancer. Some of those kids survive and some die, thats the reality of kids cancer (of any cancer), however i soon realized that for those countless kids and families who are fighting the fight who may not have the time and energy to battle this god awful illness, I can. I do have the ability to make a difference, I have the strength and the passion to make a difference, and I will make a difference because I can.

I learned that its not just the kids who battle, its also the parents who sacrifice their lives and put everything on hold to ensure their child has a chance to survive, and really what parent wouldn’t do everything they could to help their child. I learned that the kids who are diagnosed undergo endless treatments, of needles, examinations, poking, proding feeling sick and loosing hair. But everyone of them fight, they somehow learn to embrace their position and rise above it, they carry on the best they can, and most of all, they inspire.

For these kids and families is why I am taking on this challenge to ride across Canada. its to make a difference and to bring hope to those small communities and large cities . it is also to show my friends family and colleagues that we can all make a difference.

Being involved with CTCACF has clearly shown me that collectively we will make a difference. As a National Rider you are looked at with alot of respect for doing what we are doing, but I am just a guy trying to do some good. The kids are the heros not the riders, the kids are the ones that give you the strength to push harder to be stronger and to just get over that next damn hill, it is for them that I ride.

Please support this amazing charity, help out and give what you can, and know that you are making a kid smile somewhere in Canada.

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