Sarah King

Sarah King

Toronto, ON

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Occupation: High Net Worth Investment Advisor

Family: I live with my incredibly supportive boyfriend Michael

My Biggest Passions: Life!

I was first introduced to this organization in 2010 when I participated in Tour for Kids Alberta. I was introduced to one of that National Riders and knew I’d be one of them some day… Now 3 years and thousands of km’s later, here I am!

My career keeps me fairly sedentary and anyone who knows me knows that I need an outlet for a tremendous amount of energy. I started participating in running races and triathlons about 8 years ago, but was looking for something more gratifying and something that would truly make a difference. I have dedicated my efforts to Coast to Coast because of the incredible 100% donation rule amongst many … many other reasons. I have had the pleasure of meeting some angels along the way who have taught me so much. Children should be allowed to be children and cancer robs them of this simple pleasure.

I have the luxury and the ability to participate in this ride to raise money and awareness for kids cancer. I have no doubt that this ride will be challenging, uncomfortable and incredibly difficult. I also know that in comparison to what children living with cancer go through, will be a cake walk. I met a young woman last year who said something that has always stayed with me and keeps me going when I need encouragement. Simply put, she said, “The doctors saved my life, but Coast to Coast gave me my life back”.

Thank you for your help, and encouragement – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Here goes something!!!

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