2013 Photos

Photos courtesy of Mississauga Photography Studio & Gallery, www.andrewahmed.com and www.dmphoto.ca


By Alli Saunders

Day 16- Fredericton to Moncton

By Clar Jingco

Day 15 – Quebec City

By Clar Jingco

Day 14 – Quebec

By Clar Jingco

Moncton NB to Sacksville NS

By Alli Saunders

New Brunswick

By Alli Saunders

Edmonston NB to Moncton NB

By Alli Saunders


By Alli Saunders

Ottawa ON to Repetingy QC

By Clar Jingco

Pickering to Ottawa

Photos by Alli Saunders

Photos by Clar Jingco


Photos by Faaiza Mansoor

Special thank you to Jess Douglas, of 2011 & 2012 SNKCR fame, for her awesome photos of our Day 11 day through Yonge/Dundas Square

Photos from Barrie to Mississauga by Geoff Gabriel


Photos by Faaiza Mansoor

Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie

Sudbury to Wawa

Penn Lake to Wawa

Photos by Faaiza Mansoor

Atikokan-Thunder Bay-Terry Fox Memorial

Photos courtesy of Faaiza Mansoor

Atikokan to Thunder Bay

Photos courtesy of Geoff Gabriel

Good Morning Atikokan

Day 6: Winnipeg to Atikokan

Photos courtesy of Danny Mejia:

Day 5: Into Winnipeg

Beautiful Regina!

Riding through the Prairies

Banff to Medicine Hat

Lake Louise to Medicine Hat

Golden to Banff

Kamloops to Lake Louise

Launch from White Rock!