Don Gain

Don Gain

Age: 44Midhurst, ON

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Director, Sales and Marketing @ Harmony Printing Limited
Author/Illustrator and President @ dragonfly press inc.
Cycling Coach @ Hardwood Ski and Bike

Recently engaged to my wonderful fiancée Karen. Blended family of four amazing children:  Daisy (14),
Alistair (13), Gabe (12) and Cameron (10).  They are the reason behind making this ride possible.  Forever inspired…

Greatest achievement so far:
My greatest achievement to date is the writing and illustrating of my book the Circle.  Inspired by the birth of my children, it was written in celebration of the Earth to encourage a conscious awareness of all life.  It was 8 years of perseverance and patience but a fulfilling journey into self-discovery.  The feedback from local schools and the community has been a blessing and provided me the opportunity to share the message with children through readings, presentations and programs.

Destination – Beyond Cancer!

Why ride…?  This is the question that many are asking but more importantly, what I asked of myself.

Cycling has always bestowed a sense of serenity for me… To put it simply, it is Zen.  When I was a boy, riding my bicycle meant an escape, a source of freedom and imagination, but over the years my bike has become something more: a conduit for balance.  By pushing those pedals and spinning my legs, cycling has been a way of diffusing the negative energy in my life and amplifying the positive.  It is a means of regaining my centre and finding that inner peace that brings about clarity.

I am blessed to have two (and now four) beautiful, strong and healthy children.  We spend much of our time outdoors enjoying a variety of activities but what I cherish most is simply that we are doing it together.  Sharing these moments reminds me that sometimes they are the teacher and I the student.  Yet, unfortunately, not all families are able to experience the same daily levels of awesomeness we do…

Some of my family, dear friends and associates have battled cancer’s ravenous ferocity.  Some fallen.  Some survivors.  All scarred.  What hits me hardest is realizing there are children who are facing this fight…  So, I ride.  For their parents who are doing everything to help them beat this disease…  I ride.

I am honoured to have the opportunity to be a part of the 2014 SNKCR Team.  For all cycling has brought me, it is my sincere hope that our effort will bring some immediate measure of peace and healing to the many children (and their parents) affected by cancer.

That is why I ride.

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