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Joan Sinclair

Age: 62Moncton, NB

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Occupation: Retired from Anglophone East School District and loving it

Family: Married for 41 years to my best friend, Tim; mother of two wonderful children, Ann Marie & Timothy; grandmother of 5 healthy children, Katelyn, Rachel, Parker, Noah & Naia!

Greatest achievement so far:

Before I turned 50 I set a personal goal to run my first marathon!  I have since run 13 marathons  but my biggest accomplishment to date is the first time I qualified for the Boston Marathon.  When I first became a distance running, Boston was only a dream…… when it became a reality; I knew that anything was possible.

Something that I always wanted to do was do a Triathlon.  I knew I could do the run part, and biking would not be an issue but the only problem was that I couldn’t swim.  I am happy to say that I have accomplished that goal and completed my first triathlon.  I am now planning to do my first Half Ironman before I turn 65.  I think this is when I awakened my passion for biking.

  • Interesting enough, my father was an inspiration for me when I started setting such goals.
  • While in his early 30’s my father was diagnosed with leukemia and was told he has 2 years to live out his life.  I can’t begin to imagine what his thoughts were when he heard those words.  We were living in Quebec at the time and being 1 of 5 siblings; I had no idea that my life, as I knew it, was about to change forever as was his.  As I reflect back, I realize that it was only because of his will and determination that he decided he had things he needed to do in life before he succumbed to this disease called “cancer”.  He proved the doctors wrong by living a full 8 years longer.
  • Ironically, my niece, Andrea, was diagnosed with leukemia at 3 years old.  How could this possibly happen to such a little person.  I couldn’t imagine how this little body was going to fight this same disease that took my father’s life.  For years I watched her as she watched other children playing but did not have the energy to join them.  She had no idea what was happening but deep inside she was fighting for her life.  She persevered all through her childhood and has never given up even when she was recently diagnosed with Hepatitis from receiving tainted blood in the 80’s.   Obviously she has things that she needs to do in life.  I am very happy to say that Andrea continues her fight as she plans her wedding this summer.
  • When I heard about the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride, I knew I had to participate.   Biking across Canada will be a huge challenge but nothing compared to the challenge Andrea and too many other children have to endure.  For me, this gives a purpose and I can’t think of a better way to celebrate the perseverance and inner strength of these children living with and beyond cancer.   Maybe I can make a difference so other parents don’t have to hear those words, “your child has cancer”.


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