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Johnny Dela Cruz

Barrie, ON

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My life changed when I met my husband’s nephew Lucas.  He was only 7 however has given me the courage and strength to join the SNKCR.  His courage and through his battles I selfishly draw strength from, what I saw this child battle through is something no family member ever needs to be a part of.  I strongly believe that by giving back we can beat this disease.

Who knew that a simple birthday gift from my husband could change my life? It started with a mountain bike as a birthday gift and now to a road bike and to cycling across Canada for such amazing boy, Lucas. If you asked me 5 years ago to even ride a bike my answer was “no”, I barely knew how to cycle, it was my first obstacle.

So, why do I ride and why am I taking on this national challenge?  Simply put, “we can all make change happen”.  To help kids across Canada battling cancer, by making change and helping our youth, it will have positive outcomes for the rest of the world.

This September I along with many other riders will share a special commitment to change the lives of children and their families living with cancer. Together we will participate in the 2014 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. I have dedicated this year to intense training and a commitment to fundraise ($25,000 minimum) to ride to the challenge of a 17 day biking journey across Canada. From September 4-20, 2014 I will ride from Vancouver, British Columbia to Halifax, Nova Scotia, experiencing the country in a way few will ever experience. We will brave all kinds of conditions, be grateful for the success of each day as we ride and embrace the goal of our final destination-beyond cancer!

I will undertake this challenge in memory of all the fallen angels who battled their life to this dreaded disease. I ask that you consider donating towards this worthy cause, so together we can find a cure to childhood cancer.

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