Marise Leblanc

Marise Leblanc

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Occupation: Registered Nurse-intensive care unit step down unit/Cardiology

Family: Recently engaged to Stephane, my amazing best friend and love of my life

A little about me before September 2013…

All my life, I had always achieved goals for ME (ie: travelled the world/backpacked 12 countries, a competitive swimmer for as long I can remember and competed at the World Games…). The sky was the limit. I thought I was one lucky girl to have accomplished and achieved all of that……BUT I was wrong… something was missing.

Then, an incredible opportunity presented itself…

On an ordinary day at work, getting out of the hospital elevator, I ran into someone I had not seen in a long time. We chatted for a bit and then he shared with me his upcoming event… participating in the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride (SNKCR) as a national rider. He was planning to cycle across the country in memory of his son who unfortunately succumbed to cancer far too young. I was immediately touched by his motivation. I researched this cause and was amazed by this incredible and meaningful foundation, its success, its 100% model where every dollar goes directly to help children affected by cancer. I was also most impressed with its mission for a world without cancer. I just had to get involved…somehow.

September 2013…I’m on board

My journey with Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation (CTCACF) began as I cycled across the county from Vancouver-Halifax along side an amazing team of volunteers and cyclists. Being a RN, I also had the privilege to act as a medic while being off the bike. I too rode in memory of an amazing young boy, Sean Collins, and for all the kids and families touched by this devastating disease. I embraced the challenge and gladly endured emotional, mental and physical hardships along the way. But this pales in comparison to what kids and families touched by cancer, have to endure in a life time. Simply put, it was an experience forever engraved in my heart.

Since then… a need to do it again

After SNKCR, a big piece of me stayed in Halifax on that last day…wishing for it not to be over and missing it every day since. Why? CTCACF has changed me forever. Doing something you love while helping others is by far the most rewarding experience. BUT, unfortunately, the battle for many children did not end in Halifax on that last day. We need to continue and do more.


Kids are still sick and kids cancer still exists….I can still help, thus I will. Participating in the SNKCR 2014 as a relay rider Toronto-Moncton will once again channel my energies into something greater– helping brave children return to life as normal kids.

I am humbled and honored to have the opportunity to once again support this cause. No parent should hear the words “your child has cancer”. Together, let’s work on erasing those words from our everyday vocabulary.

It’s the world around us that inspires us. If we listen and observe, we can truly make a difference. I am grateful for that small chat on one ordinary day because I know I was able to make a difference. I reach out to you, please consider making a donation to this incredible charity.


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