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Hamilton, ON

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I am a Hematologist who works at St Joseph’s Hospital and McMaster University. As a physician, I assist in the care of patients with diseases of the Blood, including various kinds of blood cancers. Many of these cancers are now highly treatable, and many are curable, due to advances over the last 30 years – advances that have come about as a result of the drive and focus of patients, families and researchers. I have personally seen the results of “leading edge cancer care”; I am fortunate to continue to look after many patients who have been treated, and cured, of blood cancers and who are now being followed as health, contributing members of society.

As a full-time researcher, I have directly benefited from the charitable donations of people across Canada – such donations have funded my research for more than 20 years. It is now time for me to partly  repay the faith that Canadians have placed in my research by fundraising and riding across Canada. The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride is a huge “stretch goal” for me – I have never been athletic and the thought of riding more than 25000 KM in 17 days is truly mind-bending. However, I am focussed on training and my love of bicycling will “pull me through” I am sure. With the support of family, friends and work colleagues I am certain that I can accomplish this goal.

Supporting the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride provides me with a way of returning the good fortune I have had to those who helped provide it for me. The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride is a wonderful opportunity to support a great cause; all of my efforts are focussed on completing it and all of your fundraising dollars will help us to achieve our goals of reducing and eventually eliminating childhood cancer which remains a leading cause of death of children in Canada.

I look forward to completing this challenge, and to thanking you for your support of this great event !


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