Peter Hodson

Joan Sinclair

Kitchener, ON

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Peter Hodson biked across Canada as a 23-year in 1986 in order to go to Expo’ 86 in Vancouver.

This year, his motivation is different. Married with four healthy kids, he knows how lucky he is compared with some others. It is time to give something back to help others.

Instead of crossing off the Cross Canada trip from his Bucket List in 1986, Peter just put it back on the list. Three decades later, and (a lot?) slower, Peter has his work cut out for him.

Peter spent 25 years on Bay Street, and is the former Chairman of Sprott Asset Management, Canada’s largest and most-successful hedge fund company. Peter is targeting the Bay Street crowd for his fundraising efforts. So far, so good.

He lives in Kitchener, and retired from Bay Street in 2011. He is now the owner of Canadian MoneySaver, an independent financial advice publication published since 1981, and 5i Research Inc., a conflict-free stock advice web site.

Primarily a swimmer, Peter started biking in order to compete in triathlons. He notes the first two legs of a triathlon race are fine, the running, not so much.

Peter is thrilled to be a part of SNKCR 2014 and is personally matching donations up to a $15,000 total limit.

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