Daniel Katz

David Katz

Why am I doing this ride?

I’m doing this for those who can’t.

We all know people who have been affected by cancer, but the extent of which blew my mind when I began telling people that I am doing the coast to coast ride this year. Everyone I talked to has had someone close to them diagnosed with or pass away from cancer, and even more heartbreaking, within two degrees of separation most people know children who have lost their lives or are currently battling this disease.

In the first week of September, I’ll be loading my bike on a conveyor belt at Pearson airport in Toronto, and picking it up later that evening in Vancouver. From there, I’ll be meeting up with the other 23 national riders where we’ll pound the pedals all the way to Halifax.

Here’s the part that no one believes when I tell them – we’re going to do it in 18 days…

It’ll be tough, but you know what, this will be only a fraction of the suffering that people with REAL suffering must endure on a daily basis while fighting cancer.

At any given time, cancer holds 10,000 Canadian children in its grip. It robs them, and their families, of the laughter and joy that should be part of every childhood.

Your support is welcomed and needed. Please join me in this powerful and inspiring experience by helping to fund important childhood cancer charities across Canada. We’ll be stopping in at many different hospitals along the way, where we’ll show our support to the families affected, and in turn be inspired by these REALLY tough kids.

Thanks for visiting my page, stay tuned for the creation of my blog, which I will be posting in before and most importantly DURING the ride.

Talk to you soon; till then, I’ll be on the bike….

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