Gail Waghorn

  • Age: 49
  • Occupation: CFO for The MICs Group of Health Services
  • Home: Matheson, Ontario (North Eastern Ontario)
  • Family: Married for 28 years to wonderful, humble, classy man named Dale – best supporter ever; member of an awesome, big family composed of siblings and much loved nieces and nephews
  • Other: Fitness enthusiast, ardent lover of life, road cyclist for just over a year –yikes!
  • Favourite sayings: “Live life to fullest” “It is what it is” “Be Happy”
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Gail Waghorn

Why am I riding as a relay rider with the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride (SNKCR)?

My reasons for participating as a relay rider (Winnipeg to Halifax) in this event are simple but from the heart – I believe in this charity and the mandate of this event.  I want to see a world beyond cancer for all children.  I want to help raise awareness and funds that will be directed to important national initiatives in support of childhood oncology programs.  These issues matter and in my own small way, I can help make a difference.

2016 is the year I turn 50 and I realized in Spring 2016 that I wanted to participate in this event.   It was a scary decision because I knew I would be training alone and flying out to Winnipeg to join a group of people that I did not know who had already melded as a team.  Ahhh….. the comfort zone was being tested!  I put this initial fear and trepidation aside because I had a burning desire to be part of something so incredibly important.   I was compelled to do something meaningful, something that matters, to earmark this special year in my life.  Why this charity? Why this event?  Because children truly are our future and no child, no family should have to deal with this disease.  The Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is making a difference for kids living with and beyond cancer.  That is the best of reasons to participate.

Since my initial “sign up”, I have met some of the fabulous national riders and have had the opportunity to learn even more about the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride and its oh so important purpose.  I am incredibly excited,  proud, and humbled to be a member of this cycling team, supporting it in whatever capacity I find myself.   To be able to tap into my love of fitness, my love of people and support this charity and the children and families living with cancer is an incredible gift.  I know it will test me in ways that I have never experienced but I also know that the purpose far outweighs any personal “pain”.

Your support is welcome and needed!  Please let your heart guide your mind.   100% of all donations go directly to important childhood cancer charities across Canada that SNKCR supports.  Follow my ride and that of all  the SNKCR team (cyclists and ride volunteers) as they make their way across Canada and, yes, please donate.  From the bottom of my heart, thank you for caring and thank you for your support!

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