Coast to Coast – The French Connection




Health and wellness are an integral part of my personal and professional life. An accomplished athlete and all-around active person, I now reflect on how one moment in time can change and alter the course of your life. Hope, courage, strength, love – have newfound meaning once you or a loved one hear the words “you have cancer”.As a 2008 National Rider (SNKCR inaugural ride) – connecting with SNKCR riders, volunteers with families affected by cancer –a passion, drive, and determination to reach beyond my own personal experience, as well as that of family and friends, with this unimaginable life event – “cancer”. The support of family, friends, colleagues, and community overwhelmed and fueled my strength, courage and commitment.This challenging ride breaks you down physically, mentally, emotionally along the way, and slowly rebuilds your spirit to newfound heights of inspiration, humility, and reward to achieve the goal of improving the quality of life for children affected by cancer; and strive to eliminate cancer so that no child or family has to hear those words again.The incredible journey of raising awareness and funds at the local (Tour for Kids), National (SNKCR) and now International level continues. Follow us this September as we take the Coast to Coast Against Cancer journey to the face the mighty Pyrenees – “Coast to Coast – The French Connection”. We will be riding in honour and memory of Team Feddy, Team Axle, Team Finn – and the entire Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation families, riders, volunteers who, together, are truly making a difference.

Can’t wait to reach out and touch the sky from the top of the Cols we will climb. Follow and support us: 10 days, 2500 km, 100,000 ft climbing. “nuff said.

2008-2013 National Rider, National Volunteer
Maintenance Supervisor
Newcastle OntarioContinuing to Support
I have been actively supporting Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation since 2005 through the Tour for Kids cycling adventure. The first event I attended allowed me to meet many of the core members and they helped me understand the world of childhood cancer and this had a profound impact on me. In 2008, I ramped up my support for the charity by enrolling as a National Rider. I wanted to continue my support for children living with and beyond cancer by taking it across the country. I expected a huge physical impact to complete the ride, but oddly enough, the physical portion of the ride paled in comparison to the emotional impact of facing children in the midst of treatment and seeing their families suffer through this on a daily basis. This experience has driven me to continue my support to help provide a better quality of life for these children and their families, during and after treatment.In 2009, I decided to experience the ride from the “other” side, as a volunteer, while continuing to support this very important cause. Without the amazing volunteer support in 2008, the National Riders would not have been able to succeed. I have since lead the construction crew, preparing the bunk trucks and support vans for the riders and crew, been an RV driver, support crew and in 2011 became a volunteer tandem and support rider for Josh Nelson a foundation ambassador and 8 yr cancer survivor when his pilot Mark Burger injured his knee just prior to the start of the ride. This was an amazing experience and I was honored to be able to fill in for Mark until his knee was strong enough to ride. Over the years I have had the opportunity to make many lasting connections with ambassadors and their families. I can also say that I now feel like a member of several families because of this event. I also met my wife Stephanie on the 2008 ride.

This year Stephanie and I are taking the National Ride with us to France where we will be cycling 1000 miles and climbing 100,000 ft in 12 days through the French Pyrenese on many of the famous Tour De France epic climbs – “Coast to Coast Against Cancer – French Connection Tour” with the same objective: to raise funds and awareness for childhood cancer initiatives.

I hope you will take these children to heart and make a difference in their lives.

DAY Stage Start/Finish # Mtn. passes Mileage Elavation gain Ride time (est.)
1. Biarritz‐Gurmencon rolling foothills 126 km 6264 ft (1909m) 5 hrs
2. Gurmencon‐Mane rolling foothills 179 km 8478 ft (2584m) 7 hrs
3. Mane‐Mirepoix rolling foothills 156 km 5928 ft (1806m) 5.5 hrs
4. Mirepoix‐Collioure rolling foothills 196 km 8001 ft (2438m) 8 hrs
5. Rest Day – Collioure
6. Collioure‐Quillan 4 134 km 7698 ft (2346m) 6.5 hrs
7. Quillan‐Tarascon 2 113 km 8175 ft (2491m) 5 hrs
8. Tarascon‐St. Girons 4 126 km 10,157 ft (3096m) 6 hrs
9. St. Girons‐St. Lary Soulon 5 158 km 14,124 ft (4305m) 7.5 hrs
10. Rest Day – St. Lary Soulon
11. St. Lary Soulon‐St. Sauvin 3 148 km 12,022 ft (3664m) 6.5 hrs
12. St. Sauvin‐Gurmencon 3 97 km 6897 ft (2102m) 5 hrs
13. Gurmencon‐St. Jean Pied Port 4 130 km 9835 ft (2998m) 6.5 hrs
14. St. Jean Pied Port‐Biarritz 2 127 km 7274 ft (2217m) 5 hrs