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Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

Become a Sponsor

Become a Sponsor
Support kids living with and
beyond cancer - do something!

Becoming a Corporate Sponsor demonstrates to your local business community, your customers and your suppliers a commitment to a meaningful and caring purpose and its positive, far-reaching impact on children and their families.Along with Sears Canada, the ride is organized by the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation. The Foundation is dedicated to creating a series of high quality, physically challenging fundraising events that raise money and awareness for families and children affected by cancer. Leading by example, the Foundation’s principles are to inspire volunteerism and wellness to help raise needed funding for childhood cancer charities across Canada. The Foundation does not use professional fundraisers, inspires a high degree of volunteerism and through the support of corporate sponsors to cover event costs, is committed to direct 100% of the donations from individual Canadians directly to the charities we support. Working in partnership with Corporate Sponsors, Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is committed to developing a sponsorship package that maximizes your overall sponsorship value, and responds to your specific goals and values.

As a Corporate Sponsor for the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride, we will provide sponsorship benefits that maximize the value of your brand and corporate philanthropic philosophy:
  1. Presentation of your brand in front of an influential, socially aware and highly receptive audience via:
    • Cycling and non-cycling apparel for participants, volunteers an supporters
    • Professional video documentary
    • Media zone at press stops in Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, London, Toronto, Kingston, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax
    • Extensive list of promotional materials distributed through Sears, bike retailers and health clubs across the country
    • Event banners/staging & vehicles
    • Event website (www.searsnationalkidscancerride.com) presence and promotion
  2. National and local media, editorial and PR coverage in major cities across Canada
  3. Opportunity to have sponsorship ownership of key event elements (galas, route segments, rest stops, etc.)
  4. Interactive online programs (real-time tracking, blog, forum, video, news releases, etc.)
There are many creative ways that Corporate Sponsors can assist. Here are a few:

For more information on sponsorship opportunities with the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride and the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation, please contact:

Jeff Rushton at (416) 417-1473 or

Mike Smith at (416) 434-3465 or


Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation's Ambassadors

  • Dayton Blampied
  • Erika Campbell
  • Brandon Carroll
  • Megan Cross
  • Alicia Denoon
  • Erik
  • Adam Fedosoff
  • Theodore Fu
  • Peter Gatti
  • Lilly Hull
  • Isabella Lentini
  • Karlee Lewis
  • Hannah MacKenzie
  • Adam Mason
  • Keaton Millar
  • Megan McNeil
  • Jesse Morningstar
  • Josh Nelson
  • Alex Pace
  • Kathryn Peeters
  • Adam Pike
  • Stephen Radu
  • Crystal Marie Rondeau
  • Zoe Slayer
  • Marisa Solta
  • Kathryn Stewart
  • Brandon Straughan
  • Sullivan Family
  • Tom
  • Alexandra Varel
  • Taylor Wheatley
  • Jack White
  • Madelaine Wingfield