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Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

Application to become a National Rider in 2012

Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

We are currently selecting national riders/ambassadors to cycle from Vancouver to Halifax in support of children and families across Canada battling childhood cancer.

Who should apply

We are searching for individuals willing to take on the responsibility to join us in our battle to beat childhood cancer. Applicants need to be prepared to make the commitment to do the training and fundraising required to be a Sears National Kids Cancer Ride national rider. The registration fee is $2,995 and the minimum fundraising is $25,000. 100% of the dollars you raise will go to fund research at the 17 pediatric facilities in each and every province across Canada. To date we have raised over $4.5 million and look to add over $1.5 million to that total in 2011.

The 2011 Sears National Kids Cancer ride will leave Vancouver on Sept 7 and arrive in Halifax on Sept 22. This year’s event has a new innovative format to give riders of different abilities the opportunity to join us as we again cross the country to spread our message of hope.

One group will ride distances of 100 to 150kms/day, riding the entire 16 day program.

2010 National Riders

The second group will participate in an event truly representative of the journey the children battling this disease must endure. Riding relay style this team will cover from 200 to 350kms/day and take on the challenge of their lives.

Each night and each morning the two teams will be together and will participate in a variety of heartfelt community events and visits to the childhood pediatric facilities across the country.

The maximum selected riders will be 21 for each of the two teams with riders being selected based on their ability to fundraiser, be an ambassador in the fight against kids cancer and their ability to ride.

Once accepted, our team will assist all cyclists by offering a number of support programs around training, nutrition and fundraising.

If you have any questions please contact Michael Smith at:
(905) 670-9955
(416) 797-5285(c)

Here what participants from previous year’s events had to say:

Apply Now to be a 2011 Rider


What is really important about this ride is that we are all making a difference, and not just for the 10,000 kids in Canada who have cancer, but for their families, their siblings and all of those that are part of the awful ripple that cancer causes.
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Erin Burrell
Erin Burrell,
2010 National Rider

Its so easy to be passionate about what were doing. My only wish is that everyone who has supported this ride financially through their donations, could be here to experience what we are doing. We just have to eat this disease! More »

David HeaslipDavid Heaslip,
2010 National Rider

In a nutshell, he said that he and Terry Fox have the same goal to see a cure for cancer. He said that just like Terry, hes doing his part to help out and spread the word and hopes that others will do the same. I have to admit that hearing his words as I was taping, it was hard to keep my composure and I know I didnt hide it well but it was one of those moments that makes a mom proud. More »

Josh Nelson

2010 National Rider

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A Day In the Life of a National Rider

2010 National Riders

If you become a National Rider, hang on tight…it promises to be quite the ride!

As a National Rider as part of the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride, your experience will be like no other. While there are many athletic fundraising events, this Event has proven in its’ first three years to be one of the biggest, and most ambitious charity cycling events in the world on behalf of childhood cancer! As a National Rider, you will be part of an elite group of athletes selected from every part of this great country, all united in a single cause…to make a meaningful and lasting difference in the lives of Canadian children, and their families, living with and beyond cancer. Your sweat and determination will help make the cause of childhood cancer a national priority. Our destination - beyond cancer!

We select National Riders not necessarily because they are an expert cyclist but more important because of you are passionate for our cause; a cause that is the leading cause of non-accidental death of kids in Canada. Perhaps you are a cancer survivor, or a sibling, a parent, a family friend, or just someone who wants to inspire and empower others to unite in the fight against childhood cancer.

From the moment you qualify as a National Rider you will become part of a team dedicated to helping children win in the biggest fight of their lives. And the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride Support Team will be there to help you every step of the way!

2010 National Riders

Before the Ride

During the Ride

Every aspect of your physical (and mental) well-being will be taken care of 24/7 - nutrition, accommodations, massage, physiotherapy, medical, transportation, etc. You will be part of a supportive and nurturing team whose sole objective is to ensure your comfort and safety, allowing you to focus 100% on the physical challenges of completing the ride and, of course, raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer. Your support team is there to ensure your success and create a memory for a lifetime.

You will kick off each day with an emotional dedication to a family impacted by kids cancer.  At lunch you will typically cycle into a community event hosted by one of our amazing sponsors, and will finish the day at a family based community event that celebrates what can be accomplished when like minded individuals join together for a common cause.  In all it will leaving a lasting impression that will stay with you the rest of your life.  People join because they want to cycle across Canada;  what they remember is the impact the event, and the kids they ride for, had on them for the rest of their lives. See what other riders had to say »

After the Ride

To be considered for the National Ride in 2011, please complete the online application form. All national riders are required to complete the online application form after which one of the Event Organizers will contact you by phone or in person. Only one submission will be accepted from each applicant.

Not interested in riding but want to make a meaningful difference in the lives of kids living with and beyond cancer?  There many ways to be part of this spectacular experience! Click below to learn how you can ride, volunteer or donate. Please give your support and help thousands of brave children get back to being just kids again.


If you have any questions please contact Michael Smith at:
(905) 670-9955
(416) 797-5285(c)


Apply Now to be a 2011 Rider


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