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Sears National Kids Cancer Ride










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Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

Volunteer Overview

First-hand Testimonials

My journey and memory from Vancouver to Halifax with the amazing group of people, that so happen to become friends after being just a stranger. After every twists and turns of events, they've found themselves growing closer together. Hence, got to know each other more than they expected. Like a flower that blooms in a garden, though they are totally different from each other they blossom beautifully together. With color and life, they spread happiness to anyone who wants to see it.

One team, One journey, One goal..........to put an end to Kids Cancer!!!

May Azucena, Registered Massage Therapist

I found it a interesting study in human nature that you can bring together "strangers" and how in a short period of time they can come together as a team and as we all said , "our Road family"!! It was the same with many of the small communities we were invited into along the journey, many times it felt like we had been invited to a family supper; the kindness and compassion shown by strangers was memorable. One can have in the course of a lifetime, what might measure as "small moments", just two weeks out of your life but leaves you with "forever" memories!!

Linda Hughes, Registered Nurse

Meet Our Volunteers

Organize. Support. Inspire.

Join us for the trip of a lifetime!

We are currently selecting National Volunteers to participate in the 2012 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride from Vancouver to Halifax in support of children and families across Canada battling childhood cancer.

The 2012 Sears National Kids Cancer ride will leave Vancouver on Sept 5 and arrive in Halifax on Sept 21. This year’s event has a new innovative format to give riders of different abilities the opportunity to join us as we again cross the country to spread our message of hope.

Volunteers are the hub of this fundraising event. Their flexibility, good humour, leadership and strong work ethic are key to creating a strong and supportive cross-country family. 

The spirit of the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride is rooted in the enthusiasm of our volunteers. The rewards are many when you put your energy, your compassion and your encouragement to work against the devastation of childhood cancer.

We require volunteers to assist us with:

We ask that volunteers support the cause by being part of our fundraising initiative. Please click the “Apply to Volunteer” button above to register your interest. For more information about the positions available, visit Opportunities












Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation's Ambassadors

  • Dayton Blampied
  • Erika Campbell
  • Brandon Carroll
  • Megan Cross
  • Alicia Denoon
  • Erik
  • Adam Fedosoff
  • Theodore Fu
  • Peter Gatti
  • Lilly Hull
  • Isabella Lentini
  • Karlee Lewis
  • Hannah MacKenzie
  • Adam Mason
  • Keaton Millar
  • Megan McNeil
  • Jesse Morningstar
  • Josh Nelson
  • Alex Pace
  • Kathryn Peeters
  • Adam Pike
  • Stephen Radu
  • Crystal Marie Rondeau
  • Zoe Slayer
  • Marisa Solta
  • Kathryn Stewart
  • Brandon Straughan
  • Sullivan Family
  • Tom
  • Alexandra Varel
  • Taylor Wheatley
  • Jack White
  • Madelaine Wingfield