Research Institutions Leading in Child Cancer Research

According to surveys conducted worldwide it is seen that around 1, 75.000 children suffer from cancer each year. Studies have also revealed that the rate of mortality in children due to cancer is 20% in developed countries while the rate may go as high as 80% to 90% in poorest countries. It goes without saying that this is mainly due to higher nutrition level in developed countries and better assesses to health care and availability of quality research centers for studying such incidence in developed as well as some developing countries.

It has also been seen that assess to best health care is also correlated to assess to best research centers as most research centers are also sometimes linked to good health care centers although this may not be the norm. However, some studies have revealed that there is a direct relation between incidents of childhood cancer and levels of nutrition in some countries. In fact, it is generally understood that developed countries fare better than other countries and the case may be quite high in the case of poor countries.

Aligning Research of Cancer in Children and Adults

The term childhood is not quite uniform in many instances as the right age for segregating children may vary form country to country. In other words, In US for instance, the standard that has been adopted is between 0 to 14 years. In some countries a child may also include adolescents and therefore the standard age may also include from 15 to 19 years. Whatever be the age, serious studies and research have been initiated to reduce the rate of cancer among children. This is also quite helpful for adults as it helps to generally understand as to what raises or lowers the risk of developing cancers in adults too.

This would mean that researchers in cancer are always on the lookout for a breakthrough in cancer of children for leading to a breakthrough of the same in adults too. This also means that there is no distinction as such between cancers in children and adults as was earlier thought. It has been found and tested in one or more authentic research centers that a targeted therapy for skin cancer in adults is also significantly making improvements in children with brain tumor.

However, in clinically termed precision medicine which is essentially gene targeted therapy, cancer treatment in children have been always slow in keeping pace with that of adults.

Leading Research Institutes for Childhood Cancer

You will find numerous cancer institutes all over the world as there has been phenomenal increase in growth of funding such organizations from public spending by governments to private charitable associations. However, when it comes to ground breaking research and of treatments by therapies only few cancer institutes stand out above the crowd.

You may also find that there are several institutes well funded with good intentions of bridging the gap that existed between cancer patients and finance companies and also having good rapport with hospitals and insurance. Some cancer institutions have great mission and they impart training to other oncologists as well impart education with stake holders. They may also form partnership with other cancer institutions outside their country and help in addressing and thwarting the rapid appearance of this life threatening disease among children.

The United Nations Organization through its health agency WHO supports its endeavor in mitigating the lives of cancer patients and has paved way for dozens of drugs being added into the list of essential medicines.

Well Known Cancer Research Institutes

You will find that Institute of Cancer Research London or ICR has proven experience in this field with around 100 years of service and research behind them. The current status of this institute is that it has perhaps the best oncologists and a team of pediatrics to cover all kinds of childhood cancer. It has some of the latest clinical systems in place and technology to assist any children with ordinary to rare cancers.

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation or PCRF is equally good as it is famous for its state of art of technology, treatment of children with cancers, helping parents come together and using innovation wherever required and to bring forth new drugs for combating the dreaded disease.

The American Cancer Society or ACS is yet another leader in the field of cancer care and people’s fight against the disease. Currently, ACS has partnered with St Baldrick to take their research to a new level. They have a goal of raising $4.4 million dollars by the end of 2019. They will utilize this fund for more innovative biological clinical studies.

Hyundai Cancer Institute is again another formidable research group that helps in social, emotional and educational support and pediatric expertise to children with cancers and their parents. Apart from research, diagnosis of cancer is done by working with families. They allow the parents of child having cancer to decide about the treatment independently. The center is well funded and has several efficient and dedicated teams of oncologist and pediatrics in its fold.

Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute is a collaborative effort between India and USA and has some of the most distinguished oncologist and pediatrics working with it. It has a huge number of patients and is perhaps the largest in the world when child cancer patients are counted. It is relevant and quite unique for both US and India as it gives huge opportunities to researches and medical practitioners to make thorough study of a whole lot of cancers as well as even rare cancers.

The genetic make up of the large Indian population and varied and myriad lifestyles of people living in it offers huge scope for research and valuable study. Apart from these the traditional medical practices of India namely Ayurveda and Yoga have been included to curtail the after affects of side effects after treatment of cancers. There is an effort to make beneficial and improved therapies for treatment of cancer patients in US based on these traditional medicines.

Equally famous for its state of art clinical technology and methods of treatments are Cure Search for Children’s Cancer Research and American Childhood Cancer Organization.

Many companies that have no business relation to cancer or medical or health in general support many of these research institutions along with government funding. However you might be surprised at some of the companies that lend a helping hand. Many large tech companies such as Amazon and dating company Car companies like mentioned above. Even adult dating services such as Meet and Fuck and Ashley Madison put funds out to support valuable research that can make a difference. Large fast foot chains are also big contributors towards cancer research.