what is the national kids cancer ride?

What is The National Kids Cancer Ride?

One of the biggest charity events that is organized in behalf children with cancer across the globe. The national kids cancer ride is an annual event that is often filled with emotions and inspirational adventures. The event entails riding in relay style where riders are required to ride approximately 160 km and they are joined by thousands of other caring cyclists who cover shorter distances in support of the other riders.

About the Event

The event is usually organized during the month of September since it is the cancer awareness month. The aim of the event is to raise funds for cancer research. The event hosts around 18 national riders who are all equipped with mechanics, medics RMTs as well as a full crew. Those participating in the event get the opportunity site visit children’s hospital as well as sick kids going through cancer. The riders cycle for 18 days in different locations. Along the way the national riders are joined by stage riders along with other participant riders.

Why Cancer Ride

The event supports a lot of programs as well as families of children going through cancer. Through this event, hospitals are able to get funding so as to ensure that the kids get the best medical services and care. It is a very fun and rewarding event as it helps to make a difference in the life of kids with cancer. There are several ways in which an individual can participate in the event. One can ride a portion or all through as a national rider. One can choose to meet the national riders along the way and ride a few miles. One can be a virtual rider and provide support the best way they can. One can donate to the charity event or even volunteer to be an RV driver and provide support along the way.

Childhood Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death among children and adolescents across the globe. About 80% of children with cancer are treated in high income countries while in low income countries about 20%. Low income countries experience low survival rate due to inability to obtain diagnosis, lack of therapy and essential medicine and technologies.

Causes of Cancer

Cancer is a serious medical condition that affects individuals of all ages regardless of age, gender or race. Genetic changes in a single cell gives rise to cancer when it continues to develop. The end result is a massive tumor which if left untreated can invade other parts of the body. There is no known cause for childhood cancer as environmental factors and lifestyle do not cause cancer in children.

Improving Outcomes

It is very hard to prevent cancer hence the most effective way to deal with the disease is to adopt the most effective strategy that will help reduce the burden of cancer. Early diagnosis and effective therapy has proven to be very effective in dealing with the medical condition. Keep in mind that not all children with cancer can be cured however providing relief saves everyone.