December 2020

Volunteer Opportunities For Children’s Cancer Organizations

Cancer is generally defined as the uninhibited increase of irregular Body cells. Human Beings are not the only living organisms that can contact Cancer. Many mammals also contact Cancer. There are over two hundred Cancer types. But children, whether in humans or in other species, always seem to be in a special category of their own. Taken in that sense, Children’s Cancer Organizations are also special. Cancer can be caused by anything that can cause abnormality in body cells, such as human/mammalian genetics, some pathogens, ionizing radiation, and compound exposures toxic or chemical. Symptoms can be case-specific, and often (but not always) cause tissue masses or lumps, fever, voice change or persistent cough, unusual bleeding, bladder and bowel functions, skin changes, weight-loss, fatigue, pain. Testing is essential to presumptively diagnose and screen Cancer, but the definitive diagnosis is done by examining the Biopsy sample of the suspected cancerous tissue. Children’s Cancer has recently seen a spurt, and particularly in the poor countries already beset with economic problems, present an almost insoluble death threat. Even the governments of these countries, some of which have very large populations, are completely unable to cope, and look elsewhere for assistance. The genuine Children’s Cancer Organizations, with their greater access to human charity, and motivated Volunteer armies of dedicated doctors and staff, have reached out to these unfortunates. For those healthy people who like to reach out too, there are wonderful volunteer opportunities For children’s cancer organizations for the right people.

Further Understanding Childhood Cancer

Cancer is one of the main causes of death for children, especially children in countries without access to adequate healthcare. Brain Cancer in children have surpassed Leukemia as the deadliest form of childhood cancer. Cancer is second only to Accidents as a cause of death in children. One in 250 kids under 20 years has a tendency to develop cancer. Also, intense research into this lethal disease has improved the chances of survival by leaps and bounds. The great news is that the on the whole survival rate for cancer suffering kids is now over 80%.

Cancer begins when a healthy cell outgrows and changes its working ways. Mostly, a lump or mass is formed by these abnormal cells which are known as the Tumor. It can be Benign, in which case it is immediately treatable by common procedures, as it will not spread to distant body parts. The Tumor can also be Malignant. A cancerous tumor is Malignant, in which case it will grow and spread to all body parts, unless cancer treatment is able to stop the growth. Cancer in children can occur anywhere in the body, including the blood and lymph node systems, brain and spinal cord/CNS (Central Nervous system), kidneys, and other organs and the skeletal structure of the body. Leukemia or “blood cancer” is one of the most prevalent of Childhood Cancers, but it has recently been overtaken by Brain Cancer, as Leukemia responds to specific and focused research worldwide.

Children’s Cancer Organizations

Over 300,000 children develop Cancer every year on a worldwide basis. There are 13 specialized Treatment Centers in England, compared to just ONE in Myanmar. In low income countries, survival rate is as low as 10% only. But in the UK, survival rates for children are as high as 80%, and getting higher by the day. The cost of treating a child in the UK is Pound Sterling 100,000, while in Malawi, the cost that can be spared for a child with Burkitt Lymphoma is just below Pound Sterling 500!

It is against this miasma of callous indifference to the poor that the Children’s Cancer Organizations are forced to fight day and day out. But this is a Group that knows how to fight for the under-privileged and the poor. Among the most effective and humane NGO’s for Chidren’s Cancer Organizations, following are a brief sampling of the best:

  • German Cancer Society
  • German Cancer Aid
  • Children with Cancer UK
  • Children’s Cancer Association
  • Childhood Leukemia Foundation
  • Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses
  • Association of Parents and Children with Cancer
  • Association Francaise de la Maladie de Fanconi
  • Association for International Cancer Research
  • American Association of Hematology and Oncology
  • Asian Society For Neuro-Oncology

Volunteering Opportunities

Cancer of Children may cause sleepless nights for those who care, but genuine Volunteers are hard to find. There are many who are moved by the pitiable tales of innocent children on death’s door, but a true Volunteer is not casually emotional. The Volunteer must feel the need , hear the call, but do so steadfastly, not on a whim. All of the Children’s cancer Organizations mentioned above are looking for Volunteers , but on their own terms.