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Ride Options

There are two ways you can participate as a rider in the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride: either as a National Rider selected through an application process, or as a stage rider in one of the many community/”ride along” events across the country.

Ride Along Stage Riders*

Ride Along Events give riders of all abilities the opportunity to join the National Riders along the way on well-supported routes. Festive Community Events will take place at the start at select Sears locations in many cities.

Ride Along Stage Riders

Choose Your Distance

“Ride-Along” Stage Rides are centered around Sears stores in cities across the country. Depending on the location, cyclists can ride along with the National Cyclists on one-way rides along the route that the National Riders will follow. Along the route, rest stops, rider support and patrol vehicles are provided (shuttle bus, mechanics, medical, snacks and water). Whatever your ability, you’re sure to share the journey with someone traveling at your speed.

Registration Includes

All cyclists must register on-line at least 1 week prior to their selected ride. For a complete list of Ride Alongs and registration information, please click here.


Registered “Ride Along” cyclists agree to a minimum fundraising commitment in support of childhood cancer charities. The suggested fundraising amount is $100. Because the event is conducted primarily by volunteers in partnership with title sponsor Sears Canada, along with our other generous sponsors, administration and promotion expenses are minimal. This means that 100% of the money raised goes directly to worthy local and national charities in your community, including pediatric oncology centres and hospitals across the country.

Helpful Fundraising Tips

A variety of fundraising tools are available to help you implement a successful fundraising campaign. Once registered, riders will have access to a comprehensive fundraising support program. Here are few basic tips.

Download our Event Brochure
Download our Event Poster

Still need help? Contact us with your questions or to help get you registered at 1 866 381 4446 or email us at:

* - Subject to Minimum Participation