What is The National Kids Cancer Ride?

One of the biggest charity events that is organized in behalf children with cancer across the globe. The national kids cancer ride is an annual event that is often filled with emotions and inspirational adventures. The event entails riding in relay style where riders are required to ride approximately 160 km and they are joined by thousands of other caring cyclists who cover shorter distances in support of the other riders.

About the Event

The event is usually organized during the month of September since it is the cancer awareness month. The aim of the event is to raise funds for cancer research. The event hosts around 18 national riders who are all equipped with mechanics, medics RMTs as well as a full crew. Those participating in the event get the opportunity site visit children’s hospital as well as sick kids going through cancer. The riders cycle for 18 days in different locations. Along the way the national riders are joined by stage riders along with other participant riders.

Why Cancer Ride

The event supports a lot of programs as well as families of children going through cancer. Through this event, hospitals are able to get funding so as to ensure that the kids get the best medical services and care. It is a very fun and rewarding event as it helps to make a difference in the life of kids with cancer. There are several ways in which an individual can participate in the event. One can ride a portion or all through as a national rider. One can choose to meet the national riders along the way and ride a few miles. One can be a virtual rider and provide support the best way they can. One can donate to the charity event or even volunteer to be an RV driver and provide support along the way.

Childhood Cancer

Cancer is the leading cause of death among children and adolescents across the globe. About 80% of children with cancer are treated in high income countries while in low income countries about 20%. Low income countries experience low survival rate due to inability to obtain diagnosis, lack of therapy and essential medicine and technologies.

Causes of Cancer

Cancer is a serious medical condition that affects individuals of all ages regardless of age, gender or race. Genetic changes in a single cell gives rise to cancer when it continues to develop. The end result is a massive tumor which if left untreated can invade other parts of the body. There is no known cause for childhood cancer as environmental factors and lifestyle do not cause cancer in children.

Improving Outcomes

It is very hard to prevent cancer hence the most effective way to deal with the disease is to adopt the most effective strategy that will help reduce the burden of cancer. Early diagnosis and effective therapy has proven to be very effective in dealing with the medical condition. Keep in mind that not all children with cancer can be cured however providing relief saves everyone.

Best Hospitals Around the World for Child Cancer

There are many pediatric centers in all over the world which are quite helpful in treating childhood cancer. They are ranked as the top and best hospitals around the world for cancer treatment of young patients or children. These hospitals meet the standard set for the cancer institutes for treating different types of cancers in children. These hospitals are decided based on survival rate, new patients’ volume, prevention of infection during the cancer treatment, and several other factors. Every year, many children are affected by cancer in all over the world. But if the timely diagnosis is done and if proper medical facilities and treatment are provided, it is possible to cure the children’s cancer. With the help of the best cancer hospitals around the world, it is possible to get a high survival rate of young cancer patients. These hospitals try to look for new ways of cancer treatment by doing innovative research. Let’s know about some of the best hospitals around the world for childhood cancer.

St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis – Among other pediatric hospitals in the world, this is also the one for Paediatric Bone-Marrow transplant. It includes partially matched transplants and halo identical transplants. The rate of survival in St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital is high. This hospital does not charge for treatment as it gets balanced with the help of philanthropic support of the hospital. The hospital also provides the free lodging support for the families who have to stay at night for their child’s treatment, if the child is admitted in the hospital, in case if they stay far away.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia – This hospital deals in the targeted cancer treatments. The hospital offered the first proton beam therapy to the world which is used for the treatment of cancer in children. For the patients who are dealing with the relapsed cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia, this hospital made a new therapy for them. The doctors of this hospital are also studying and researching to get a way for the treatment of certain types of neuroblastoma and lymphoma using a single pill. The doctors provide the counseling to the cancer patients and their families and involve them in different music therapy groups and art groups. The hospitals take proper care of cancer patients and help the families also for their emotional needs.

Texas Children’s Hospital, Houston – Texas Children Hospital is one such hospital in the world, which is dedicated especially for the treatment of lymphoma in children. The hospital is also researching lymphoma treatment in children and is taking proper care of all the children who are suffering from lymphoma. For developing the new therapies, for Lymphoma cancer, this hospital is planning to conduct some biological research on this cancer type. There are certain genetic conditions also which increases the risk of childhood cancer. So, this hospital will take proper care of children in such condition.

Children’s Hospital Colorado, Aurora – This hospital is not just known for the treatment of childhood cancer. But it is also known for managing the patients who suffer from the late effects which can be because of several reasons. Like because of the diagnosis process, the cancer treatment, or maybe because of both. The Children’s Hospital Colorado also runs a Youth and Pet Survivors Program, where the young cancer patients become the pen-pal for the people who have animals who are suffering from one or the other disease. And they write to these people through this Youth and Pet Survivors Program.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center – This hospital is not just helping in the treatment of childhood cancer. But it is also trying to identify new ways and new medication options for childhood cancer. There is a Childhood Cancer Drug Discovery Laboratory, in this hospital, which is trying to find out the potential medication options against the cancer cells in the children and young adult by screening around 3,40,000 medications. They are putting all their efforts into finding the treatment for relapsed leukaemia.

Other than these children cancer hospitals, there are many more like Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Nationwide children’s hospital, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Children’s Health Care of Atlanta. Donations can be made to support the work done by these facilities and often come from unexpected sources. Fundraising events can be found locally and nationwide. Many large companies allocate portions of their profits on products and services. Social dating companies like Plenty Of Fish along with other meet n fuck app companies are expamples of unlikely candidates that often share proceeds to fund research and treatment.

Research Institutions Leading in Child Cancer Research

According to surveys conducted worldwide it is seen that around 1, 75.000 children suffer from cancer each year. Studies have also revealed that the rate of mortality in children due to cancer is 20% in developed countries while the rate may go as high as 80% to 90% in poorest countries. It goes without saying that this is mainly due to higher nutrition level in developed countries and better assesses to health care and availability of quality research centers for studying such incidence in developed as well as some developing countries.

It has also been seen that assess to best health care is also correlated to assess to best research centers as most research centers are also sometimes linked to good health care centers although this may not be the norm. However, some studies have revealed that there is a direct relation between incidents of childhood cancer and levels of nutrition in some countries. In fact, it is generally understood that developed countries fare better than other countries and the case may be quite high in the case of poor countries.

Aligning Research of Cancer in Children and Adults

The term childhood is not quite uniform in many instances as the right age for segregating children may vary form country to country. In other words, In US for instance, the standard that has been adopted is between 0 to 14 years. In some countries a child may also include adolescents and therefore the standard age may also include from 15 to 19 years. Whatever be the age, serious studies and research have been initiated to reduce the rate of cancer among children. This is also quite helpful for adults as it helps to generally understand as to what raises or lowers the risk of developing cancers in adults too.

This would mean that researchers in cancer are always on the lookout for a breakthrough in cancer of children for leading to a breakthrough of the same in adults too. This also means that there is no distinction as such between cancers in children and adults as was earlier thought. It has been found and tested in one or more authentic research centers that a targeted therapy for skin cancer in adults is also significantly making improvements in children with brain tumor.

However, in clinically termed precision medicine which is essentially gene targeted therapy, cancer treatment in children have been always slow in keeping pace with that of adults.

Leading Research Institutes for Childhood Cancer

You will find numerous cancer institutes all over the world as there has been phenomenal increase in growth of funding such organizations from public spending by governments to private charitable associations. However, when it comes to ground breaking research and of treatments by therapies only few cancer institutes stand out above the crowd.

You may also find that there are several institutes well funded with good intentions of bridging the gap that existed between cancer patients and finance companies and also having good rapport with hospitals and insurance. Some cancer institutions have great mission and they impart training to other oncologists as well impart education with stake holders. They may also form partnership with other cancer institutions outside their country and help in addressing and thwarting the rapid appearance of this life threatening disease among children.

The United Nations Organization through its health agency WHO supports its endeavor in mitigating the lives of cancer patients and has paved way for dozens of drugs being added into the list of essential medicines.

Well Known Cancer Research Institutes

You will find that Institute of Cancer Research London or ICR has proven experience in this field with around 100 years of service and research behind them. The current status of this institute is that it has perhaps the best oncologists and a team of pediatrics to cover all kinds of childhood cancer. It has some of the latest clinical systems in place and technology to assist any children with ordinary to rare cancers.

The Pediatric Cancer Research Foundation or PCRF is equally good as it is famous for its state of art of technology, treatment of children with cancers, helping parents come together and using innovation wherever required and to bring forth new drugs for combating the dreaded disease.

The American Cancer Society or ACS is yet another leader in the field of cancer care and people’s fight against the disease. Currently, ACS has partnered with St Baldrick to take their research to a new level. They have a goal of raising $4.4 million dollars by the end of 2019. They will utilize this fund for more innovative biological clinical studies.

Hyundai Cancer Institute is again another formidable research group that helps in social, emotional and educational support and pediatric expertise to children with cancers and their parents. Apart from research, diagnosis of cancer is done by working with families. They allow the parents of child having cancer to decide about the treatment independently. The center is well funded and has several efficient and dedicated teams of oncologist and pediatrics in its fold.

Indo American Cancer Hospital and Research Institute is a collaborative effort between India and USA and has some of the most distinguished oncologist and pediatrics working with it. It has a huge number of patients and is perhaps the largest in the world when child cancer patients are counted. It is relevant and quite unique for both US and India as it gives huge opportunities to researches and medical practitioners to make thorough study of a whole lot of cancers as well as even rare cancers.

The genetic make up of the large Indian population and varied and myriad lifestyles of people living in it offers huge scope for research and valuable study. Apart from these the traditional medical practices of India namely Ayurveda and Yoga have been included to curtail the after affects of side effects after treatment of cancers. There is an effort to make beneficial and improved therapies for treatment of cancer patients in US based on these traditional medicines.

Equally famous for its state of art clinical technology and methods of treatments are Cure Search for Children’s Cancer Research and American Childhood Cancer Organization.

Many companies that have no business relation to cancer or medical or health in general support many of these research institutions along with government funding. However you might be surprised at some of the companies that lend a helping hand. Many large tech companies such as Amazon and dating company Match.com. Car companies like mentioned above. Even adult dating services such as Meet and Fuck and Ashley Madison put funds out to support valuable research that can make a difference. Large fast foot chains are also big contributors towards cancer research.

Volunteer Opportunities For Children’s Cancer Organizations

Cancer is generally defined as the uninhibited increase of irregular Body cells. Human Beings are not the only living organisms that can contact Cancer. Many mammals also contact Cancer. There are over two hundred Cancer types. But children, whether in humans or in other species, always seem to be in a special category of their own. Taken in that sense, Children’s Cancer Organizations are also special. Cancer can be caused by anything that can cause abnormality in body cells, such as human/mammalian genetics, some pathogens, ionizing radiation, and compound exposures toxic or chemical. Symptoms can be case-specific, and often (but not always) cause tissue masses or lumps, fever, voice change or persistent cough, unusual bleeding, bladder and bowel functions, skin changes, weight-loss, fatigue, pain. Testing is essential to presumptively diagnose and screen Cancer, but the definitive diagnosis is done by examining the Biopsy sample of the suspected cancerous tissue. Children’s Cancer has recently seen a spurt, and particularly in the poor countries already beset with economic problems, present an almost insoluble death threat. Even the governments of these countries, some of which have very large populations, are completely unable to cope, and look elsewhere for assistance. The genuine Children’s Cancer Organizations, with their greater access to human charity, and motivated Volunteer armies of dedicated doctors and staff, have reached out to these unfortunates. For those healthy people who like to reach out too, there are wonderful volunteer opportunities For children’s cancer organizations for the right people.

Further Understanding Childhood Cancer

Cancer is one of the main causes of death for children, especially children in countries without access to adequate healthcare. Brain Cancer in children have surpassed Leukemia as the deadliest form of childhood cancer. Cancer is second only to Accidents as a cause of death in children. One in 250 kids under 20 years has a tendency to develop cancer. Also, intense research into this lethal disease has improved the chances of survival by leaps and bounds. The great news is that the on the whole survival rate for cancer suffering kids is now over 80%.

Cancer begins when a healthy cell outgrows and changes its working ways. Mostly, a lump or mass is formed by these abnormal cells which are known as the Tumor. It can be Benign, in which case it is immediately treatable by common procedures, as it will not spread to distant body parts. The Tumor can also be Malignant. A cancerous tumor is Malignant, in which case it will grow and spread to all body parts, unless cancer treatment is able to stop the growth. Cancer in children can occur anywhere in the body, including the blood and lymph node systems, brain and spinal cord/CNS (Central Nervous system), kidneys, and other organs and the skeletal structure of the body. Leukemia or “blood cancer” is one of the most prevalent of Childhood Cancers, but it has recently been overtaken by Brain Cancer, as Leukemia responds to specific and focused research worldwide.

Children’s Cancer Organizations

Over 300,000 children develop Cancer every year on a worldwide basis. There are 13 specialized Treatment Centers in England, compared to just ONE in Myanmar. In low income countries, survival rate is as low as 10% only. But in the UK, survival rates for children are as high as 80%, and getting higher by the day. The cost of treating a child in the UK is Pound Sterling 100,000, while in Malawi, the cost that can be spared for a child with Burkitt Lymphoma is just below Pound Sterling 500!

It is against this miasma of callous indifference to the poor that the Children’s Cancer Organizations are forced to fight day and day out. But this is a Group that knows how to fight for the under-privileged and the poor. Among the most effective and humane NGO’s for Chidren’s Cancer Organizations, following are a brief sampling of the best:

  • German Cancer Society
  • German Cancer Aid
  • Children with Cancer UK
  • Children’s Cancer Association
  • Childhood Leukemia Foundation
  • Association of Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Nurses
  • Association of Parents and Children with Cancer
  • Association Francaise de la Maladie de Fanconi
  • Association for International Cancer Research
  • American Association of Hematology and Oncology
  • Asian Society For Neuro-Oncology

Volunteering Opportunities

Cancer of Children may cause sleepless nights for those who care, but genuine Volunteers are hard to find. There are many who are moved by the pitiable tales of innocent children on death’s door, but a true Volunteer is not casually emotional. The Volunteer must feel the need , hear the call, but do so steadfastly, not on a whim. All of the Children’s cancer Organizations mentioned above are looking for Volunteers , but on their own terms.

Charities That Support Children’s Cancer

We Make A Living By What We Get, But We Make A Life By What We Give.

Winston Churchill

The world is not a perfect place, there are so many bad things happening, war, violence, natural disasters, these are all terrible, but another one is sickness. There are tons of incurable diseases, and sickness that are taking over the world. You may think that there may not be that much but there is. And the worst part about it is that it’s happening to children.

One of the biggest issues that we face in the world today is cancer, which is an uncontrollable growth of abnormal cells. They come in the form of large masses of tissue called tumors. Now some people can fight cancer, and break free from it, but this is done through large amounts of radiation, medication, and still there is the possibility of it coming back. If you go to a hospital you’d be able to see many children that are trying to fight of cancer, and in the end some of them don’t even make it. They are children, they deserve to live, and move forward with their lives and not be stuck to hospital bed for the most of it. But treatments can be expensive, and some don’t have the ability to pay that much. This is where you can help, choose charity organizations that support children cancer and donate, or help out in any way you can.

Charities Making A Difference

Charity organizations are non-profit organizations who’s main objective is social welfare. There can be charity organizations for various countries, and various types as well. They will not use any of it’s fund to profit themselves as individuals or entities. Charity organizations main funds are through donations, but they will do fundraisers such as selling any merchandise, or having small little sales like bake sales, or car washes and such.

Many people tend to get confused between a non profit organization, and a charity organization. Even though they are considered as non profit organizations there is a difference. The whole point of non profit is based of the organizations not earning a profit whatsoever, and that the earning are not made from donations, but through business activities, or membership fees, and these are kinds of clubs as well. Where as a charity is made by the general public, or the community. Some of the charity organizations are:

  • Education organizations
  • Churches and church associations
  • Organizations that support universities and colleges
  • Hospitals and organizations that are dedicated to medical research
  • Governments or special governmental units that are involved in charitable causes

Here are some of them for child cancer:

  • The Brain Tumor Charity
  • CLIC Sargent
  • American Childhood Cancer Organization
  • Teenage Cancer Trust
  • Macmillan Cancer Support Group

Charitable organizations have been there about 4000 years ago, it all started as a mandatory tax that was supposed to be issued so that it could used for the poor, this was all the way back in 2500 BC. Later on there was Plato’s academy, which was on a voluntary basis. It was actually the first group that was recorded in history. Then the first Roman emperor distributed an aid to about 200,000 members of the public. This was in 28BC. As time went by there was the English parliament that used the charitable act of 1601. Then 42 years later Harvard hosted the very first fundraiser, and managed to make about 500 pounds. Then as time went by and we get into the 1930s we are able to see corporations get green light to deduct the contributions from the income. Now as we take today into consideration charity is common and extremely popular.

How are they funded?

Charity organizations that support children cancer, or any kind of charity is done through donations. Now the donations that are made to the charitable organizations is tax deductible. Any organization that isn’t is taxed accordingly. Say that you make a political contribution that is not considered as a tax, so it will be taxed, but take into account building schools or if it done for third world countries then it is considered as that. So it will be tax deductible. Donations come from both businesses and individuals from all walks of life in large and small amounts. These charities bring people together in a fight against something objectively bad. For example, a popular hookup app in the United Kingdom utilizes their platform to raise money to support these types of charities. Although completely unrelated and perhaps unexpected this organization uses its reach to make a positive change. However, you don’t need to be a large tech company to make a difference and contribution of time or money helps these charities that are doing amazing work.