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Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

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The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride is one of the biggest and most ambitious charity cycling events on behalf of childhood cancer in the world. From September 9th to 23rd, cyclists will ride a 15-day, 7,000 km trans-Canada odyssey from Vancouver to Halifax. 43 selected National Riders will traverse the country, joined along the way by thousands of other caring cyclists who cycled shorter distances along the way in cities across Canada. Together, our cyclists will raise money on behalf of charities that improve the quality of life for children, and their families, living with and beyond cancer. Our destination - beyond cancer!

Interested in Being a 2010 National Rider?

Interested in Being a 2010 National Rider?

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  • Adam Fedosoff
  • Alexandra Tetrault
  • Alicia Denoon
  • Andy Brooks
  • Brody Chapman
  • Erica Campbell
  • Hanna Brooks
  • Harmony Pokora
  • Jesse Morningstar
  • Kathryn Peeters
  • Katie Hoddinott
  • Kristin Thuringer
  • Lindsey Laurenco
  • Madeline Wingfield
  • Madison Scott
  • Maria Metivier
  • Marisa Solta
  • Megan Cross
  • Megan McNeil
  • Peter Gatti
  • Rachel MacDonald
  • Riley Hoddinott
  • Shawn Gilles
  • Ty Murray
  • Vernonique Pellerin