Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 14 – Maskinonge to Quebec City

This morning we dedicated our ride to Katie Wilson. We were greeted along the way by Trois Riviere Sears store and they fed us and gave us shelter from the rain! We are so grateful for all the amazing Sears stores across Canada, we TRULY could not do this without them. After lunch we had a short 30km ride to Portneuf where we met up with 3 employees and cyclists from Louis Garneau. They escorted us to their factory and store for dinner, shower, and most importantly shopping! That was the best section of the ride in my opinion, they are definietly hammerheads and we all loved trying to keep up with them. All the employees at Louis Garneau put on an amazing dinner. Louis Garneau is a fantastic sponsor and all of our clothing comes from them. We cannot thank them enough for their continuing support.

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