Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 6 – Regina to Carlyle

Morning came with a very cold 3 degree Celsius temperature. The clouds in the sky threatened rain. Thankfully the threats never came to fruition. Our wind was never really as favourable as the previously day so the temperature was biting. It is hard to be fluid on the bike when it is cold. Muscles are tense and rhythm is elusive. Nevertheless we struggled through it.

Two highlights of the day were the groups of kids we encountered at our first two stops. They treated us like rock stars. They surrounded us and asked for autographs at one stop. At another they sat and listened intently to Graham talk of our journey and why were there among them. It feels good when a child is engaged and learning from your actions. Hopefully we made a positive impact in their lives and maybe even inspired some to pick up the torch to make a difference.

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