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Ken Cross

Name: Ken Cross

Age: 38

Cycling Experience: 1 year – started cycling on October 28, 2008

Occupation: Human Resources Manager

Hometown: Kingston, Ontario

Family: Married for 13 years (Colleen), and father to 3 beautiful girls; Leah 9, Megan 6 and Emma 3

Your biggest physical accomplishments to date: Completed the 2009 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride, 7,200kms over 12 days. Team travelled 2,600 kms in 12 days


"The New Normal" – Living with Cancer – The 2nd Time

I'm honoured to have been selected as 1 of the 43 national riders for the 2010 Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. This is the longest charity cycling event on behalf of childhood cancer. I'm proud to be able to say that 100% of the donations made will go towards supporting local and national childhood cancer programs. At any one time, cancer holds 10,000 children within its grip. With each dollar raised we can collectively fight with and for each child and give them a better chance of survival and also a better after cancer.

So, why do I ride for Childhood Cancer? Well, let me share our story.

On April 24, 2008 our family received a call that would change our lives forever. What was normal in life changed to what my wife and I call “The New Normal”, living with cancer. Earlier that day in April 2008 our 4 year old daughter Megan went to our family doctor as we suspected that something was wrong (lethargic, bruising, no appetite). At 11:10pm our family doctor called saying that we needed to get Megan to the hospital. My wife and I made our way down to Kingston General Hospital and by 12:30am we were told that they suspected that Megan had Leukemia, and at 3:30am the words that no parent should hear were spoken, “Your Child has Cancer”.

By noon time my daughter received her first of many bone marrow extractions, spinal taps, blood transfusions and chemotherapy (protocol). There were a lot of tears shed that day (and many days after) and for the first time in my life I felt helpless and unable to help my child fight an invisible menace. Cancer was holding my child hostage. Megan was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. After 6 months of treatment our daughter was able to return school and be a kid again. We considered ourselves very lucky but did not forget the fact the she had battled cancer and we wanted to show our support in raising money are awareness with the 2009 Sears National Ride. I was honoured to be part of that ride.

From September 2009 through January 2010 our daughter was in remission and was in Grade 1 being like any other kids in school, normal and healthy.

On Tuesday February 9 after being on the morning radio shows with 93.5 KIX FM and 105.7 KROCK in Kingston to promote the Queens “2010 Inside Ride”, Megan was at KGH for her 2 month checkup (which always meant a blood test). I received a call from my wife around 1:30pm. She said that the Doctors wanted to see us at 2:30 for a meeting. I knew that something was up with Megan’s appointment.

We were told at 3:00pm that Megan’s cancer had returned. I never thought that cancer would return to my little girl. She had won her battle in 2008. I was wrong. Cancer was back and it challenged our family once again. It will not win. Megan and our family will fight with every ounce of our strength to ensure that this “beast” does not come back in the future. Megan’s protocol moves her to Sick Kids hospital to receive a bone marrow transplant which will see our family move to Toronto for 3 months. Later that night my wife and I went into my daughter’s room to put the kids the kids to bed, knowing what we were told earlier in the day and decided not to tell the kids until the next morning about Megan’s diagnosis, since Megan was going to be admitted for her first round of Chemo in the morning. Megan called me over to her bed and asked me to sit down.

Megan made a statement that will stick with for eternity. She said “Dad, I want you to cycle across Canada again to help kids with Cancer”. At that point, she didn’t know she was one of those kids who had cancer, again.

I can’t tell you what the outcome will be, but I can tell you that with every donation you make it will bring us closer to finding a cure and to help children living with and beyond cancer. I'm asking you for your help. Please donate to this wonderful foundation and cause. 100% of your contribution goes towards helping kids, like Megan in the fight of their lives.

Please help support the many children in Canada with Cancer with a charitable donation so that I may reach my personal goal of raising $50,000. I believe in miracles and this can happen. For contributions over $20.00, a charitable tax receipt will be issued by the foundation. Together we can make this Dream Real.

“Dreams are made if people only try. I believe in miracles. I have to… because somewhere the hurting must stop”. - Terrance Stanley Fox

“I want you to cycle across Canada again to help kids with cancer”. - Megan Cross