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Scott Doran


If you have come to this blog my work is almost done. The fact that you are here shows that this ride has some importance to you.  Whether you know me or you have heard of me you are here and I thank you for that.

My name is Scott Doran and the big “C” (cancer) has not impacted my family, so why me and why now do I decide to venture off with a great group of people and ride across Canada to raise money for kids with cancer.

I currently live in Muskoka  with my very supportive girlfriend Sue Goddard and want to thank her for her patience. As an individual you make the call to do this but it has an effect on everyone in the household.  My parents have been a great support and will see me on departure day in Vancouver Sept. 2010.

The why me is easy, WHY NOT ME? I am 53 years old and thanks to my medical required by this ride seem to have a cancer free body for now. I am able to do the ride physically, my riding takes a large part of my free time and has for many years. I have come back to the bicycle by the mountain bike and discovered the road biking by accident. I never thought that road riding would be that enjoyable, I was wrong. Primarily I ride alone and a few years back a rocky relationship forced me into a solitary lifestyle I credit my bike for kick starting  the  part two of Scott’s life.

Now how come the Sears National Kids Ride For Cancer? Good question, I have a very good friend that volunteered as one of the mechanics for the SNKCR ride in 2008, and 2009. Greg Roloson came back with stories of heroism and dedication that seemed so fantastic that all I had were questions  about his trip   He then he said you could do this in a heart beat . Later last year Greg called and instructed me to get off my backside and apply. Well that was about it.
If you know me you know that the ride part of this journey will be the easier part of the process, the harder part for me will always be the fundraising. That is why my blog work was almost all done now is your turn to step up and donate.

Let’s talk about the organization, we raise money for kids with and recovering from cancer. A rider contingent of 50 or so like minded people will raise over a million dollars, of which 100% goes to the kids. All 50 of us pay our own way and that includes  hundreds of selfless volunteers to pull this all off

I realize that this cause is one “ I”  have taken on and I hope my passion will make this cause one you to can embrace as well , after all who can say “no thanks” to a young kid inflicted with cancer, not me.

Thanks for reading this and please get involved either with your $$$$$ or your time. Call me @ 1-705-706-2856 I want to hear from you and get caught up.