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Spencer Campbell

Name: Spencer Campbell

Age: 52

Occupation: Strategic Business Consultant

Hometown: Burlington, Ontario

Family: Married to a great lady and friend

Your biggest physical accomplishments to date: Other than being undefeated for 11 straight years in wrestling my …11 year old son and 8 year old daughter, trekking to Mt Everest, Nepal many years and, regrettably too many pounds ago.


Pictured above is part of a great family - my family. Together with great friends we are most fortunate - in fact very fortunate. That is despite several friends and family who have had to deal with cancer. My Dad, lower left, passed away in part from cancer last year.

As one of ~50 national riders in this years Sears National Coast to Coast Kids Cancer Ride I am privileged to contribute to an amazing cause. Help those dealing with childhood cancer and its after effects.

Simply put I am riding to help those kids just be kids.

I will do my best to both get ready for and complete this amazing opportunity and, for this tubby fellow, that is no small feat! At 51 and too many pounds, I have a long way to go - both figuratively and literally. 7600 kms across Canada is wee bit more of a cycle than my usual around the block jaunt. The Rockies a wee bit more than ascending my driveway.

Years ago I traversed the Himalayas to get to Mt Everest - it was hard but, like this opportunity, an exceptionally exhilerating privilege. I was lucky to be there with Dick Bass who at the time and at the age of 55 became the oldest person to summit Everest and, by so doing, the first person to have climbed the highest mountain on all seven continents.

Now, in my 50s, I remember his raw energy, affable infectious nature and drive. While I can't promise the affable nature (!), I can promise the energy and drive. If he can climb Everest - I hope I can peddle a bike.

Yet that is not the point and this is where this message gets serious. The rider's efforts are nothing compared to those who suffer from cancer - kids or not - and that is the central message and reason for this effort.

In good part I am doing it for my Dad, Grandfather, cousins and other close people who have been affected by cancer. In good part we are doing it for young ones who need our help.

As a parent to two great kids, I want to help those who are dealing with their own child's illness.

I ask two things. One, that you view the following video as we are doing it for people like her -regretably there are too many such cases. Her name is Marisa; she recently passed away and says far better than me why we should all do what we can

And two, please do whatever you can.

Thank you,

Spencer Campbell