Sears National Kids Cancer Ride

Day 9 – Quetico to Thunder Bay

  • Today’s dedication was for Mike Letier II
  • Brad was the superhero of the day.
  • As we were heading out on the shuttle to our starting point for the day, Connie backed into a pole and the back windshield broke and two bike frames were mangled (Brooklyn’s and Keith’s).  She was very upset, of course.  When all was cleaned up and sorted, Phyllis, one of the aboriginal women who served us at the Friendship Centre  – She did a “smudge” (apparently a connection of lemongrass, tobacco and sage that is lit and let smouldering…then she used a feather to wash the smoke over Connie) to leave the negative emotion and energy behind and gave her a lemongrass (pictured) to bring with her – also for releasing negative energy.
  • Of course, the highlight was the Terry Fox Memorial. Fiona placing her hand over the spot where she laid Simon’s ashes last year and blowing kisses to him. Ken speaking and placing all bracelets on a rung of the fence surrounding the memorial and speaking the names of the children they represent. Chris Collins spoke about his son. Scott spoke about losing Simon. Erin showed me her necklace with her nephew’s (Dominic) fingerprint on it. Margaret spoke about her memory of Terry Fox and about her son.

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