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Craig Senior

Craig SeniorPlease Sponsor MeRead My Blog

Age: 46

Occupation: President, CSL Consulting Inc.

Hometown: Ottawa, Ontario

Family: In a committed relationship

My biggest physical accomplishment(s) to date: Half Marathon, Cross-Newfoundland Cycling Relay, Ottawa Bicycle Club 306 km Animalathon

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"I Just Gotta do This!"

Growing up in Newfoundland, I always loved bicycles. I loved pedaling fast and coasting down hills with my shirt unbuttoned pretending to be Batman. While still in high school, my neighbour Wayne Barry invited me on a tour with the St. John’s Cycling Club. I loved it! I rode, trained, and started racing. I competed in the Atlantic Championships. The highpoint was attending a training camp at the Montreal Vélodrome.

Sponsor RollAfter moving to Ontario in 1982 my cycling faded (I don’t know why) until I no longer rode. The dust gradually thickened on my bike and I forgot how much I loved to ride. 23 years later, In 2005, my son Brandon and I flew to Newfoundland to connect with our roots. We visited a neighbour, Beth, for whom I babysat about 30 years ago. Inspired by my riding, her son, Guy, got into cycling in a big way. He won the Eastern Canada Cycling Championships, rode the Tour de l’Abitibi, and competed at the Canada Summer Games! Flipping through his scrapbook and watching his videos inspired me. After I returned to Ottawa, I dusted off my bike, went on a short ride, exhausted after 10 km. I built up to commuting the 46 km round trip to work.

In 2006, I joined the Ottawa Bicycle Club, going on day tours. The longest was 235 km. In 2007, I rode about 10,000 km, building a comfortable cardio fitness base. 2008 was less intense and I opted for more solo rides. One morning I headed west and wound up south in Cornwall for lunch. Another time, friends in Montreal kindly put me up for a night. The longest ride was the 306 km Animalathon East. Chamois butter REALLY works!

On one group ride I overheard someone talking about a ride across Canada for kids cancer. I decided, “I must do this!” At the time, I had no idea why. I just had to do this.

Later, gave my participation a why. I am riding in memory of my Mom, taken from us in 1993 by cancer.  She always boasted about her son the cyclist who was always golden in her eyes. I am also honouring other friends and family members, some taken by, some living with, and some living beyond cancer. As a parent of two sons, Josh and Brandon, I hope my participation in this ride gives them the ideas of making a difference and doing really cool things. As that same parent, I am especially doing this for the children and families who are being touched by cancer. If I can make a real difference for one, then it is worth it.

“Get it right this time around. Because this time… is all you have.”” Prot, from the movie K-PAX.