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Tim Klassen

Tim KlassenPlease Sponsor MeRead My Blog

Age: Turning 60 in 2009!

Occupation: Manager, Ontario College Quality Assurance Service

Hometown: Toronto, Ontario

Family: Married; father to 1 daughter, and grandfather to 2 granddaughters

My biggest physical accomplishment(s) to date: 2 Ironman, 17 marathons, 4 Tour For Kids EPIC Rides

My ParticipACTION Story: Celebrating turning 60 by cycling across Canada for childhood cancer

In the News: Cyclists to Pedal for Childhood Cancer

In the News: Rebel with a cause: Cycling cross-country for charity

Celebrating 60 by Giving Back

I am an active person by nature, and someone who has tried my best over the years to “give back”.  Having been a recreational runner, I ramped up my running in 1983 in order to get shape for surgery to donate a kidney to my sister.  After the transplant, there was no looking back!  I not only became a “real” runner, but became actively involved in the Canadian Transplant Association as Canadian team manager for the World Transplant Games.  I also started dabbling in triathlons in the 80’s, but got serious about it in 1999 when I did my first Ironman. That was the year I turned 50, and I “celebrated” by reaching my goal of breaking 3 hours in the marathon and doing my first-ever Ironman. It was shortly after that when I got hooked on cycling, but kept up my running and became not only a competitive age-group triathlete and duathlete, but also a coach of the XSNRG Running Club for a number of years.  If you can’t tell by now, being healthy and active is simply part of my lifestyle – part of who I am.  It’s also how I met my wife, Anne.

My passion for cycling was married with my commitment to giving back when I learned about Tour For Kids in 2005.  My wife Anne had started working at Vizible Corporation with Jeff Rushton, founder of Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation.  We both were inspired by the event, the cause and by Jeff’s enthusiasm and commitment, and we have been 4-day EPIC riders for the past 4 years.  Then I learned about the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride and couldn’t get that out of my mind.  In 2009 I will be turning 60.  I want to celebrate this milestone by giving back in an even bigger way, doing something I love – cycling – for something I believe in, and investing in the future, our children.  My wife’s gift to me is her encouragement and support as I train for and do the Ride.

Sponsor RollSo why the cause of childhood cancer?  I have been surrounded by cancer for years.  What brings it home is that I can’t imagine being a parent who hears those four words, “Your child has cancer”.  I’m blessed to be the father of a wonderful daughter, and grandfather to two beautiful, energetic, healthy granddaughters.  I’m cycling for them, so they don’t have to ever hear those words - “you have cancer” - and then miss out on their childhood. I’m excited about doing this Ride, knowing that I will be cycling for the thousands of children who are diagnosed and living with cancer in Canada.  I’m encouraged by the fact that I will be making a meaningful difference in the fight against childhood cancer - with every pedal stroke and every dollar I raise - helping these brave children live with and beyond cancer, and enjoy just being kids.  I appreciate life more and more as I age, and since I am a kid at heart (my mother, wife and daughter will attest to that!), I want to make sure that kids with cancer have a chance at life, just like I have for the past 60 years. 

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.” (Margaret Mead)