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Tim Whitten

Tim WhittenPlease Sponsor MeRead My Blog

Age: 56

Occupation: Business Development Manager, Baker Hughes Canada

Hometown: Calgary, Alberta

Family: Married, Father to 1 Daughter, 1 Son and Grandfather to 3 Granddaughters

My biggest physical accomplishment(s) to date: Numerous Multi-day Cycling Trips

Challenging Myself and the Community to help Kids with Cancer

I purchased my first road bike while attending Technical School in Saskatoon, a Gitane 10 speed which cost $110.  I used it to commute across the city to school and to visit my girlfriend.  I spent a lot of time riding back and forth across the city, a 15 kilometer round trip which seemed like a lot of riding at that time.

My girlfriend and I were married in 1973, moved to Alberta and started a family.  Cycling took a back seat to my family and job commitments for a number of years.  In 1986 I started cycling on the City of Calgary bike paths and ended up covering a huge 790 kilometers that year.  In 1995 my brother-in-law and I registered in the Alberta Lung Association’s “Bike for Breath” two-day road ride. This was a chance to help a charity and challenge ourselves on a two day ride.  I have since participated in numerous “Bike for Breath” rides in the Kananaskis area of the Rockies; Drumheller, Alberta, and NAPA Valley, California.  The Alberta Lung Association discontinued their charity rides and at about the same time one of my cycling friends experienced a multiple sclerosis attack.  I have now participated in five MS 150 rides with my brother-in-law and my friend who had experienced the MS attack.

Sponsor RollI have enjoyed raising funds for various charities through my love of cycling. One cause that I have always wanted to contribute to through cycling is cancer funding.  I, like many other people, have lost relatives and friends to the disease.  My wife and I have contributed to cancer fundraising by supporting friends who have participated in various cancer walks and events.  We currently have an acquaintance that is undergoing cancer treatments and last year her thirteen year old son was also treated for cancer.  I cannot imagine what families go through with a child who has Cancer and I would like to be able to assist in helping their cause.

Based on all of the connections that I have with Cancer and my cycling background, I decided to register for the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride. I have been fortunate enough to be selected as a National Rider, starting in Vancouver and ending in Halifax.

I am excited about challenging myself to train and complete the ride for all those Kids with Cancer and their families.  I am looking forward to the fundraising support I know I will get from my many friends, work associates, business contacts, and the Community in general.  Hopefully the information below will encourage you to support the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride by sponsoring my journey across Canada.

“In Canada, about 1,700 children are diagnosed with cancer each year.  Over 10,000 children are living with some aspect of cancer or its long-term effects”