Registered cyclists agree to a minimum fundraising commitment in support of childhood cancer charities. Because the event is conducted primarily by volunteers in partnership with Sears Canada and other generous corporations, administration and promotion expenses are minimal. This means that just about all money raised goes directly to worthy local and national charities in your community, including pediatric oncology centres and hospitals across the country.

Helpful Fundraising Tips

A variety of fundraising tools are available to help you implement a successful fundraising campaign. Once registered, riders will have access to a comprehensive fundraising support program. Here are few basic tips.

  • Start early and have fun.
  • Write a personal letter; create a newsletter or press release; hang up pledge sheets in your office; make in-person solicitations; design a poster
  • Be creative! Do not limit your mailing list. Write down the name of every person you know. Create a database. Include friends, old neighbors, former associates, former classmates, friends of the family, members of clubs, fraternities, sororities, leagues, committees, organizations, alumni groups, etc. You may find yourself thinking, “I don’t know them very well; they aren’t going to give.” You don’t know how cancer may have affected their lives. This may be just the opportunity for them to make a difference. If you don’t give someone the opportunity, they definitely won’t have a way to give.
  • Make Giving Easy - When writing your letters, be sure to include an online link to donations (url), or self-addressed stamped envelope for them to enclose a cheque
  • Send sponsors a link to your MySNKCR page
  • Establish a personal fundraising goal, and let your potential sponsors know your goal. Suggest a minimum dollar amount or put down options: $25, $50, $100 . . .
  • Write a personal note of thanks to each sponsor. This will be particularly helpful when you ask for their support in the following year.
  • Ask local community groups such as churches and rotary clubs to support you. Make a presentation at their next meeting and hand out pledge forms.
  • In lieu of gifts on your birthday or other occasions, ask friends and family to make a pledge to your ride.