What is the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride?
While there are many athletic fundraising events, the Sears National Kids Cancer Ride promises to be the biggest, and most exhilarating charity cycling event in support of childhood cancer in the world! – and there is a place in it for you!

Thousands of cyclists will ride in support of children with cancer along a route that starts in Vancouver and ends 19 days and 7,600km later in Halifax. National cyclists (riding the entire 7,600km) will be joined by thousands of Stage Riders who will ride in local “stage” rides of 15km to 200km+. Along the way, the riders will stop at many of Canada’s pediatric oncology centres, and at many of the Sears locations for media and community events that will bring together Canadians of all ages to support kids and their families fighting cancer.

All proceeds will be directed to childhood cancer charities and pediatric oncology programs and centres across the country. For a list of the programs we will support, please click here.

What is the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation?
Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is a federally registered, volunteer-based organization dedicated to providing financial and other assistance to families fighting childhood cancer. The Foundation is dedicated to creating a series of high quality, physically challenging fundraising events that raise money and awareness for families and children affected by cancer. Leading by example, the Foundation’s principles are to inspire volunteerism and wellness to help raise needed funding for childhood cancer charities across Canada. The Foundation does not use professional fundraisers, inspires a high degree of volunteerism and through the support of corporate sponsors to cover event costs, is committed to direct 100% of the donations from individual Canadians directly to the charities we support. Individual donations raised go directly to the childhood cancer charities and pediatric oncology centers supported. For more information please see www.coasttocoastagainstcancer.org)

What are the exact dates for the Ride?
The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride will start in Vancouver on the morning of Monday June 2, 2008 and will end 19 days later on June 20, 2008 in Halifax. Although the schedule is subject to change, the dates and segments of the route can be accessed by clicking here.

Who can participate?
There is a place on this ride for everyone:

1. National Riders are individual riders who commit to traveling the entire 7,600 km across Canada. 60 national riders have been selected through an application and interview process. All National Riders will receive a broad range of support from the Ride organizers, including accommodation, food, medical professionals, road-side support, ride apparel and more. For a complete National Route description, please click here.

2. Thousands of Stage Riders will participate in local rides in cities along the route, riding between 15km and 200km+. In some communities, Stage Riders can participate in “looped” rides that start and finish at a local Sears centre or store. In other communities, Stage Riders can participate in full day (non-looped) rides up to 200 km + distances. For a complete list of Stage Ride locations, dates and other information, please click here. All Stage Riders will receive support during their rides as they join new and old friends in the fight against childhood cancer. Please note that cyclists participating in full day “non-looped” rides, will have to provide for their own return transportation to the starting point if required. All cyclists must register, which can be done easily on-line and in advance of the ride. For a complete list of Stage Ride options and registration information, please click here.

3. We are also organizing Community Family Events at participating Sears stores and other locations. These events will be festive occasions full of music, food and fun for all members of your family to help cheer on our Riders! Click here for a list of community family events. No registration required!

How do I register?
Just go to www.SearsNationalKidsCancerRide.com and at the top of the home page click on “Register Now” to register as a Stage Rider, or click on “Volunteer Now” to register as a Volunteer.

How much does it cost?
Registration for National Riders is closed. Please to register for the 2009 National Ride event.

Registration for Stage Riders is $75, with a fundraising minimum of $150. The Registration Fee includes a water bottle, event technicsl shirt, rest stop water and food, and Sears National Kids Cancer Ride memorabilia.

Will you keep a waiting list for National Riders in the event of injury during training or a change in someone’s schedule?
Yes, and we will contact those on the waiting list if need be with as much notice as possible so that they can take full advantage of the training and other means of support we will provide to all National Riders.

How do Stage Riders get to the start of the Event, and then back home after the Ride is over?
You are responsible for providing transportation to the start of your ride option. If you are participating in one of the “looped” events, you will start and finish your ride at the same Sears location. If you are participating in a full day “non-looped” event, you are responsible for providing your own return transportation at the end of your ride. Along the way, medical, mechanics, emergency transportation and rest stops (snacks, beverages) will be provided for your safety and comfort. You will be part of a supportive and nurturing team whose sole objective is to ensure your needs are taken care, allowing you to focus 100% on the physical challenges of completing the ride and raising awareness and funds for childhood cancer. Your support team is there to ensure your success and create a life-altering experience you will remember for the rest of your life.

What kind of support will I receive as a Stage Rider?
During your Stage Ride, rest stops, food and beverages, mechanical and medical support will be available to you, along with encouragement from friends, family and volunteers.

What should I bring for my Stage Ride?
Helmets are mandatory, and we strongly recommend wearing proper bike shorts, shirts, eye protection and gloves, plus bringing at least two water bottles and/or a knapsack-style water carrier on a bike designed for road riding. Even though some mechanical support is available, please bring a tire pump and spare inner tubes in the case of a flat tire. And don’t forget to bring sunscreen, a little cash and a cell phone in the case of an emergency.

To foster a community atmosphere on the road, and to ensure both your safety and those of your fellow riders, we do not allow MP3s or other similar devices while riding. We will be publishing a list of recommended equipment and supplies to bring/wear during your Stage Ride.

Can I borrow some equipment?
Ride organizers are not in a position to lend any equipment to riders, though some road-side equipment (i.e. bottles, cycling gear, chain lubricant) will be available for sale at the start of each Stage Ride.

Can I do more than one Stage Ride?
Absolutely, but transportation and accommodation at Stage Rides is the responsibility of riders choosing to do more than one Stage Ride.

What if I can’t finish my ride because of a break-down or fatigue?
Ride marshals and volunteers will help ensure that all registered riders will be picked up along the way in support vehicles should they not be able to finish.

How do I get back to where I started my Stage Ride?
If you are participating in a “looped” 25km+ event, you will start and finish at the same location. If you are participating in a full day “non-looped” event, you will have to provide your own return transportation.

I’d like to go 200km on my bike but have never gone that far. How can I train for that distance?
It may seem long, but once on the road, and with sufficient training, 200km in one day is manageable for many cyclists. Remember, as a registered Stage Rider, you can take advantage of the route support which includes a shuttle service that can carry you to the stage finish.
Many local bike shops and clubs offer a variety of training rides which work on pace and distance in a very supportive atmosphere. Contact your local bike shop or club to find out how and when you can join. You’ll love the experience of group riding. As well, we will be providing a comprehensive training and nutrition manual which will provide you with useful information on how to train for your selected distance.

Are there age restrictions to participate in the Ride?
Because of the physical and emotional demands of the longer Stage and National Rides, cyclists will need to possess a certain level of maturity to participate. While it is difficult to specify a minimum age requirement, in general, participants should be 16 years of age or older to register for National Rider (entire 7,600 km) status. For the shorter Stage Rides, decisions on any age restrictions will be made on a per case basis.

How long will I be riding during a Stage?
It really depends on your pace and distance. The pace of average riders varies between 20km/h and 35km/hr so that should give you a gauge of your time in the saddle. To ensure the safety of all Riders, we may require you to board one of the support vehicles if your pace will result in you finishing after dark.

What kind of roads will the riders be on?
The surface will vary a little along the way given the geography of Canada, but in all cases we will be on paved roads, carefully selected to minimize the amount of vehicular traffic you encounter.

Will the route be closed to traffic?
We are arranging police escorts for portions of the ride – especially in the large urban centres – but riders will share the road with cars over the majority of the ride. Most road cyclists have experience in this sort of riding, and for those who do not, we will provide instructions and take precautions to help keep everyone safe.

Who will I be riding with during a Stage Ride?
This is a group ride, so you will be part of a 5-15 person group of riders who generally ride at the same pace and level, most often riding in pairs or single file for safety.

Ride marshals will be a central part of every Stage Ride and will organize themselves based on pace. For example, there will be at least one 25km/h group with ride marshals keeping the group at that pace over the duration of the ride. Cyclists choose their own pace group, and are free to change pace groups along the way as long as they do so safely.

If this is a national ride, then why does it not continue to Newfoundland?
We’re working on it, and hope to dip our wheels in the Atlantic in St. John’s Harbour in 2009.

How will I be able to keep track of my donations?
All registered riders will have their own page which they can customize with a photo and a personal message on their reasons for riding. This is the page which they send their supporters, with help from an automatically generated e-mail which we will send to them upon registration. It is easy to use and edit, and is also very secure.


There are a lot of rides for cancer. What’s different about this one?
This will be one of the biggest charity cycling fundraisers for childhood cancer in the world. One of our other important differentiators is that we are primarily a volunteer-based organization. What this means is that with the help and generosity of our corporate sponsors, the donations and contributions you raise go directly to local and national pediatric oncology programs. We will never use professional fundraisers, and our marketing expenses are covered through corporate in-kind contributions.

There is a place on this historic ride for you as a rider, donor, sponsor and/or volunteer. Contact us to learn more, or rergister.

How will the money be directed to fighting childhood cancer?
All money raised will be directed to worthy local (within your community) and national childhood cancer charities , as well as, pediatric oncology centres, hospitals and programs. We will be assembling a team of experts to determine those areas most worthy of funding, where we can do the most good and have the maximum impact for your generous donations. Please click here for a detailed description of the programs and initiatives we will be supporting.


What volunteering opportunities are available?
We are looking for a wide range of volunteers to make this ride a reality – from driving support vehicles for the National Riders to setting up registration tables at Stage Rides, and everything in between. Many of these jobs may only require a few hours of work, though some of the more intensive volunteer positions will require a commitment starting many months in advance.

We would love to hear from you about volunteering, so please contact us (link) and let us know how you would like to help.

When and how will I hear back after registering to volunteer on your web site?
You will receive an automatic e-mail response, letting you know that your name and contact information has been entered into our system. One of our volunteer coordinators will then contact you in person at the number you provided within 7 to 10 days to discuss how you could join our volunteer team. As of mid-November the online volunteer registry will be fully functional so some of this feedback will be automated.

Can I choose what I will be doing, or are the positions assigned?
Absolutely. One of the key values of the Coast to Coast Against Cancer Foundation is the promotion of volunteerism as part of one’s daily life. So we’d love to have you on board. We will do our utmost to match our volunteers with positions that both suit their interests, expertise and the needs of the Ride. Most of all, you will have a great time volunteering with new friends for a great cause.

Can I change my mind about which volunteer position I’d like to do?
Certainly, though we would ask that you contact your volunteer coordinator to discuss such a change with as much notice as possible.

Can I ride and volunteer?
Yes you can. However, it would be challenging for you to ride and volunteer on the same day; though by recruiting your family and friends to volunteer you could cover off both angles. Contact us and we’d be happy to provide you with more information.


Are fundraising tools available to help me raise money?
Yes there are. All registered riders will have home pages to which they can direct everyone interested in contributing to the fight against childhood cancer. Post a picture and the reasons you’re riding to help inspire a financial contribution.

Many corporations have matching funds programs which you could tap into, and we can help you arrange fundraising parties.

How do relay teams raise money?
Participating as a team in The Sears National Kids Cancer Ride is an excellent employee engagement exercise – for the riders and for fellow employees who want to learn more about how they can lend their support.

As well, our experience suggests that many suppliers and customers become interested in supporting corporate teams once they hear about the passion driving this ride. We can help tap into that with some pre-written materials that may be of use to you. Call us – we’d love to talk more. You can find our contact info here

Can I still ride if I don’t hit my minimum fundraising level?
To ensure we drive donations to the charities we support, all riders must hit their fundraising minimums in order to actively participate in their portion of the ride.

How and when will donors receive a tax receipt?
Our on-line system will send back a tax receipt to on-line donors within a few minutes of submitting their donation. We’ll do our best to quickly generate receipts for donations received in the mail or in person.

Will in-kind donations receive a tax receipt?
Unfortunately we can only provide receipts for financial contributions.